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Draw Progress Bar in Janus GridEx cell content

March 27th, 2011 No comments

Draw Progress Bar in Janus GridEx cell content

As following my previous post [post] how to create customizable cell content, I decided to post progressbar sample CSharp code.
See full implementation of Progress bar cell in Janus GridEx control.

C# Usage example


private readonly ProgressBarCellRenderer m_progressBarCellRenderer = new ProgressBarCellRenderer

                {BorderPen = new Pen(Color.LightGray)};


Perform drawing on each OnDrawGridArea method callback.

void OnDrawGridArea(object sender, DrawGridAreaEventArgs args)


     if (e.Column.Key == MyColumn)


         GridEXCellCollection currentRowCells = e.Row.Cells;


         double total = GetValue();


         if (total == 0)





                                              , total

                                              , "custom text");



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Janus GridEx customizable cell content

March 5th, 2011 No comments

Recently i had accomplished interesting task, which include to add time duration data to one of the existing Grids in our Winform desktop application. We are working with 3rdParty controls Janus (Janus.Windowa.GridEx).

Unfortunately not all our controls are WPF, so we still need to “struggle” WinForms to make any special changes in UI.

The problem was that our product manager wanted to make usage of the same visual column for different types of data – such as >int and System.TimeSpan. As you can see they have completely different presentation.
After some thinking we have decided to add additional column of Type Syste.TimeSpan and make this column hidden to the end user.

MyColumns = m_gridControl.RootTable.Columns;
MyColumns["durationColumnName"].Visible = false;

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