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Useful Eclipse Shortcut Keys

June 28th, 2011 Comments off

A friend of mine is a newbie to eclipse, he asked me for a list of shortcut keys in eclipse for quick and productive development process. It took me a while but I have found a document that I have prepared for myself a few years ago. I am posting it here, it might be useful to somebody else too. Shortcut keys make life that little bit quicker! They aid you in working faster and become very handy when programming in Eclipse. For a full list of shortcuts, in Eclipse 3.1 and above you can press Ctrl+Shift+L for a handy popup. CTRL + D – Delete row No more need to grab the mouse and select the line. Ctrl+Shift+T – Open Java Type Start typing the name and the list gets smaller. Try typing the capital letters of the class only (e.g. type “CME” to find “ConcurrentModificationException”) Ctrl+Shift+R -? Find Resource Use this to look for XML files, text files, or files of any other type. which are in your workspace. Ctrl+E – Open Editor Drop-Down Presents a popup window listing currently opened files. Start typing to limit the list or simply use the down arrow key. Read more…

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