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Disassembly for .Net assemblies tool is here – dotPeek(decompile) from JetBrains

dotPeek from JetBrains (makers of Resharper and many other good developers tools).

As you probably noticed that Reflector (which great tool and useful) not free any more. Here theirs announcement

I in my every day work need such tool that will provide high-quality decompiling capabilities for .Net assemblies.

dotPeek Logo

After some searches in the Internet I have found very promising tool that gives all needed functionality. Tool called dotPeek.


Tool is standalone exe file, but it gives look and feel like Visual studio with nice navigation and search features. Hopefuly they will integrate it with Resharper or as additional add-on for VS2010.

Figure 1

The tool allows following functionality

  • Decompile assemblies from 1-4 .Net CLR framework versions. Showing C# source code
  • Opening assemblies from GAC via File –>Open from GAC GAC Example
  • Code navigation like in Resharper
  • Intellicence, code highlighting like in Visual studio
  • Manage the dotPeek with keyboard shortcuts like in Resharper

Nice Navigation options in Decompiled code.

Go to Decloration (F12): Jums to declaration of any symbol that you have selected.

Find Usages (Shift+F12): Finds all usages of a symbol (method, propery, variable etc.)

Actualy all Resharper Navigation/Searchin abilities are available in this disassembly product.

As I saw in their web site the dotPeek still at development stage and can be downloaded here

I already started to use this new born application – looks very promising.


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