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Useful Eclipse Shortcut Keys

June 28th, 2011

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A friend of mine is a newbie to eclipse, he asked me for a list of shortcut keys in eclipse for quick and productive development process. It took me a while but I have found a document that I have prepared for myself a few years ago. I am posting it here, it might be useful to somebody else too. Shortcut keys make life that little bit quicker! They aid you in working faster and become very handy when programming in Eclipse. For a full list of shortcuts, in Eclipse 3.1 and above you can press Ctrl+Shift+L for a handy popup. CTRL + D – Delete row No more need to grab the mouse and select the line. Ctrl+Shift+T – Open Java Type Start typing the name and the list gets smaller. Try typing the capital letters of the class only (e.g. type “CME” to find “ConcurrentModificationException”) Ctrl+Shift+R -? Find Resource Use this to look for XML files, text files, or files of any other type. which are in your workspace. Ctrl+E – Open Editor Drop-Down Presents a popup window listing currently opened files. Start typing to limit the list or simply use the down arrow key. Ctrl+O – Quick Outline Use this to find a method or a member variable in a class. Start typing to limit the choices. Press Ctrl+O a second time to include inherited methods. Ctrl+Space – Content Assist Context sensitive content completion suggestions while editing Java code. Ctrl+1 – Error Assist Error sensitive content suggestions while solving errors in Java code. While you are on line where the error occurs, press this combination to activate

the quick fix. Now, select the “Add unimplemented methods” option. You can use the quick fix at

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every error you ever receive. Ctrl+Shift+Space – Context Information If typing a method call with several parameters use this to show the applicable parameter types. The current parameter where the cursor is will be shown in bold. Ctrl+Shift+O – Organize Imports After typing a class name use this shortcut to insert an import statement. This works if multiple class names haven’t been imported too. F3 – Open Declaration Drills down to the declaration of the type, method, or variable the cursor is on. This works much like a browser hyperlink. Alt+Left- Backward History This works like a browser’s Back button. Alt+Right- Forward History This works like a browser’s Forward button Ctrl+L- Go to Line Go to a specific line number. F4 – Open Type Hierarchy Show the type hierarchy (downward tree) or the supertype hierarchy (upward tree). Ctrl+Alt+H- Open Call Hierarchy Show where a method is called from. In the Call Hierarchy view keep expanding the tree to continue tracing the call chain. Ctrl+H -Open Search Dialog Opens a search dialog with extensive search options for Java packages, types, methods,

and fields. Alt+Shift+R- Rename – Refactoring Use this to rename type, method, or field. All existing references will be refactored as well. Alt+Shift+L- Extract Local Variable Use this to create a local variable from the selected expression. This is useful for breaking up larger expressions to avoid long lines. Alt+Shift+M- Extract Method Use this to extract a new method from existing code. The parameter list and return type will be automatically created. Alt+Shift+Up – Select Enclosing Element Alt+Shift+Down- Restore Last Selection Alt+Shift+Left – Select Previous Element Alt+Shift+Right -? Select Next Element Useful for selecting context-sensitive blocks (e.g. surrounding loop, method, class, etc.) Ctrl+Up – Scroll Line Up Ctrl+Down – Scroll Line Down Very handy if you want to scroll by 1 line without changing your cursor position or using the mouse. Ctrl+Shift+U- Go to Previous Member Alt+Shift+U- Go to Next Member Great for stepping down through the methods of a Java source file. Ctrl+Shift+U – Show Occurrences in File Alt+Shift+U – Remove Occurrences Annotations Use this to search within the same file – useful for occurrences of private fields and methods. CTRL+SHIFT+G Bind this to “Generate getters and setters”. This is a “must have”. Ctrl+Shift+P- Go to Matching Bracket Helps to find the closing bracket of lengthly if-else statements. Ctrl+J – Incremental Find Ctrl+Shift+J -? Reverse Incremental Find The first matching occurrence is shown with each typed letter. Press again and the next matching occurrence is shown. Shift+Enter – Insert Line Below Ctrl+Shift+Enter -? Insert Line Above Insert a line above or below the current

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line. Ctrl+/? – Add Block Comment Ctrl+\ -? Remove Block Comment Comment in/out blocks of code with a key stroke. Ctrl+M – Maximize Active View or Editor Maximize the current view or editor at the expense of all other currently shown views. Press again to restore to normal view. Ctrl+F6? – Move between open Editors Ctrl+F7 – Move between Views Ctrl+F8 – Move between perspectives Learn these to switch among edited files, open views and perspectives. Ctrl+Alt+Up – Duplicate Lines Ctrl+Alt+Down – Copy Lines Doesn’t seem like it at first but a great shortcut once you learn to use it. Instead of select, copy and paste simply select and duplicate without affecting the clipboard. Alt+/?? – Word Completion This is excellent for code editing or writing plain help files with variables and other words having no English language equivalents. The word completion is based on the set of words already present in the current file. Ctrl+I – Correct Indentation

Select a block of Java code or an entire class file and use this shortcut to correct its indentation.

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